Madonna and Child, ca. between 1332 and 1334

  • Giovanni Balduccio, Italian, 1300-1360


  • Overall (sculpture): 32 × 11 3/4 × 8 1/4 inches (81.3 × 29.8 × 21 cm) Overall (pedestal): 46 1/2 × 29 × 25 inches (118.1 × 73.7 × 63.5 cm)

Founders Society Purchase, Elizabeth P. Kirby Fund


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  • European: Medieval and Renaissance W251


European Sculpture and Dec Arts

This Image of the standing Virgin and Child reveals a profound change in the Image of the Virgin that occurred by the early fourteenth century. Rather than confronting the viewer frontally in the Romanesque manner, here the mother and her child engage in an intimate, human relationship. The child energetically grasps the Virgin's mantle in his right hand as he leans back to peer into her face. Giovanni di Balduccio was born in Pisa and worked in Tuscany during his early years, moving north to Lombardy in the mid-1330s.

Richard Mortimer (Tuxedo, New York, USA)

September 24-25, 1937, sold by (American Art Association, Anderson Galleries, New York, New York, USA) Elenore J. Mortimer Sale

1937-present, purchase by the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

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Giovanni Balduccio, Madonna and Child, ca. between 1332 and 1334, marble. Detroit Institute of Arts, Founders Society Purchase, Elizabeth P. Kirby Fund, 37.140.