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Bank of the Oise at Auvers, 1890

  • Vincent van Gogh, Dutch, 1853-1890

Oil on canvas

  • Unframed: 28 × 36 7/8 inches (71.1 × 93.7 cm)
  • 37 × 44 1/4 × 3 1/2 inches (94 × 112.4 × 8.9 cm)

Bequest of Robert H. Tannahill


until 1905, Johanna van Gogh-Bonger [1862-1925] (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

1905, acquired by (Paul Cassirer Gallery, Berlin, Germany)

Carl Reininghaus (Vienna, Austria)

May-June 1914, (Paul Cassirer Gallery, Berlin, Germany) cat. 143

1914, Mrs. F.O. Oppenheim (Berlin, Germany)

1927-1928, (Thannhauser Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany)

1931-1935, (Knoedler & Co., New York, New York, USA)

purchased by Robert H. Tannahill [1893-1939] (Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, USA)

1970-present, bequest to the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

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Vincent van Gogh, Bank of the Oise at Auvers, 1890, oil on canvas. Detroit Institute of Arts, Bequest of Robert H. Tannahill, 70.159.