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A patron viewing contemporary Black art at the DIA
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Discover Black Art and Artisans

Patrons perusing the puzzle aisle at the Detroit Institute of Arts' Shop
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Holiday 2023 Gift Guide: Shop Local (and Unique) at the DIA Shop

The Detroit Institute of Arts Shop is your one-sto...

A woman holds a glass of white wine as she laughs while chatting to a man in a backwards baseball cap.
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Gift Guide: Fall Entertaining

A patron browsing books for sale in the DIA Shop
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Celebrating Diego and Frida at the DIA

The Detroit Institute of Arts has deep ties to Die...

A guide talks to a small field trip in Rivera Court
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Fall Gift Guide

Back to school or back to the office? Either way, ...

A young girl poses for the camera in front of one of the DIA fountains
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Gift Guide: Summer 2023

Backyard party? Family getaway? Get the most of th...

A man and a child read an interpretive plaque in the African Art galleries at the Detroit Institute of Arts.
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Unique Father’s Day Gifts that Deliver

Dad, grandfather, best friend, favorite guy; find ...

Two women sit on a bench in a gallery in the Detroit Institute of Arts
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Gifts for Every Mom

Mother, grandmother, favorite aunt, greatest teach...

A couple strolling hand-in-hand in the DIA's African American Art galleries
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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day can be more than cards and candy. ...

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