Gift Guide: Summer 2023

Updated Jul 21, 2023

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A young girl poses for the camera in front of one of the DIA fountains

Backyard party? Family getaway? Get the most of the season with stellar party options, kitchen tools, and home décor.

Motawi Tileworks Koi Pond Tile

The sinuous swirls of Michigan-made Motawi Tileworks’ koi tile design makes a sweltering day feel cooler.

$189.95 / Members $170.96

Koi Glowing Goldfish

How fun would it be to have a glowing koi floating in your pool, or even your punchbowl!

$22.95 / Members $20.66

DIA Blueprint Cap

Stay cool (in all ways) and keep the summer sun off your head with a DIA cap.

$19.95 / Members $17.96


ScoopTHAT! Ice Cream Scoop

This award-winning scoop is engineered to glide effortlessly through gallons of ice cream with no wrist strain.

$29.95 / Members $26.96

Case Island Glass Wendy Platter

Refresh your cheese / cracker / appetizer table with this fused-glass platter by local artist Suellen Parker.

$99.95 / Members $89.96

Rainbow Drinkware 

This set of tumblers and a pitcher made from light-bending, outdoor-safe acrylic make every drink a summer treat. 

Tumbler: $12.95 / Members $11.66

Pitcher: $34.95 / Members $31.46

Embroidered Flowers (Flores Bordadas) Tote

Flowers! Frida! Pom-poms! It’s summer in a tote.

$59.95 / Members $53.96

Charley Harper Cardinal Doormat

A bright Charley Harper-designed door mat celebrates the great outdoors while welcoming your guests indoors.

$69.95 / Members $62.96

Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit

Bring this kit to a friend’s house or a family vacation for a fun group project.

$19.95 / Members $17.96

Paint By Sticker Masterpieces Activity Book

Step away from the screens and go deep with this new pastime that allows you to build a masterpiece, sticker by sticker.

$14.95 / Members $13.46