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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Updated Feb 2, 2023

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Valentine’s Day can be more than cards and candy. Show your affection to friends and family with a little something from the DIA shop.

Paint Chip Poetry: A Game of Color and Wordplay

Paint Chip Poetry

$21.95 / Members $19.76 

DIY a love sonnet or sweet rhyme with this witty wordplay game. 

Porcelain Kissing Face Bowl

$29.95 / Members $26.96 

Anything served in this affectionate bowl will surely taste extra-sweet! 

TASSEN porcelain kissing cup
i heart art crayons

I Heart Art Crayons

$19.95 / Members $17.96  

Crayons make everyone happy, and these heart-shaped colors are easy for little hands to hold. 

The Kiss Jigsaw Puzzle

$54.95 / Members $49.46   

The puzzle lover in your life will get a thrill from this glimmering beauty. 

The Kiss jigsaw puzzle
Chagall boxed notecards

Chagall Boxed Notecards

$15.95 / Members $14.36 

A handwritten note that comes in the mail on a beautiful card means even more than a heart emoji that comes in a text. 

Diego Rivera Hoodie

$49.95 / Members $44.96 

Wrap your favorite person in a hoodie featuring Diego Rivera’s magnificent Detroit Industry murals. 

Diego Rivera hoodie
I Love You Egyptian Cartouche Pendant

I Love You Egyptian Cartouche Pendant

$69.95 / Members $55.96 

Wear this elegant pendant, whose hieroglyphics spell out "I love you," close to your heart.


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