2023 DIA Gala

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Saturday, Nov 11, 2023
6 p.m.

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Individual ticket prices $5,000; $2,500; $750


In the Museum

5200 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48202
United States

Three long rows of tables sit in Rivera Court, lined with candles and place settings for one of the DIA's yearly Galas.

On Saturday, November 11, the DIA will transform for a special evening of dining and fine wine, entertainment, and music to celebrate 50 years of the Detroit Film Theatre (DFT). The DFT has presented visionary cinema for a half-century, remaining committed to one of the world’s great art forms, ensuring that future generations can discover new films and restored masterworks.

Gifts to the 2023 Gala will support general operations and honor Eugene and Mary Anne Gargaro's legacy of leadership at the DIA upon Gene’s retirement as Board Chair after 20 years.

Please consider partnering with the DIA to become a Gala Sponsor.

Sponsor commitments made by July 14, 2023, will be included in the invitation. Additional recognition for commitments made after July 14 is available.


  • Yvonne Fisher
  • Carolynn and Aaron Frankel
  • Nicole George and Chris Thomas
  • Tatiana Grant-Saunders and Tony Saunders


  • Adele Acheson
  • Bridget and John Apap
  • Michelle Bassett
  • Tina Bassett
  • Sheri and Jonathan Boos
  • Lisa Bouchard
  • Lindsay Brock
  • Denise Brooks-Williams
  • Lindsey and Thomas Buhl
  • Jane Burton
  • Leland Calloway
  • Andrew Camden
  • Jenny and Bill Chope
  • Leigh and Lane Coleman
  • Shery Cotton
  • Mary Kay and Keith E. Crain
  • Joanne Danto and Arnold Weingarden
  • Maureen T. D’Avanzo
  • Alexandra Decker
  • Dr. Shauna Ryder Diggs
  • Frances and Kenneth Eisenberg
  • Nicole Eisenberg
  • Colleen and Blake Ellis
  • Jennifer and David Fischer
  • Barbara and Alfred J. Fisher III
  • Brooke and Al Fisher
  • Elise Fisher
  • Lauren G. Fisher
  • Elyse and David Foltyn
  • Cynthia and Edsel Ford
  • Sarah and Calvin Ford
  • Linda Forte
  • Judy Frankel
  • Eliza Getz
  • Christine Giampetroni
  • Diana Golden
  • Jennifer and Chris Granger
  • Jill Heyllar
  • Renee Janovsky
  • Story S. John
  • Danialle Karmanos
  • Robin Kole-James
  • Bonnie Larson
  • Arlene and John Lewis
  • Annie Margulis
  • Joy Orley Nachman
  • Jennifer and Joe Parke
  • Lisa Pernick
  • Vivian Rogers Pickard
  • Katie Prior
  • Fair Radom
  • Anita Rajpal
  • Kim Reuss
  • Constance and Martin Ross
  • Chris and Walter Schwartz
  • Nettie Seabrooks
  • Sandra Seligman
  • Julie Sosa
  • Linda Theodore
  • Lorna Thomas, M.D.
  • Joanne Ulnick
  • Rhonda D. Welburn
  • Janis and Bill Wetsman
  • Trudi Wineman
  • Carol Ziecik


  • Jennifer Adderley


  • Mr. Martin P. Krall, Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Krall


  • Richard and Jane Manoogian Foundation



  • Jim and Patty George
  • Adam and Krystle Hollier
  • Sam Hussein
  • Paul Kado
  • Monticello Associates
  • Our Next Energy (ONE)
  • Alice R. Pfahlert
  • Burton A. Zipser and Sandra D. Zipser Foundation

Sponsors as of September 19, 2023

The DIA welcomes your gifts from Donor Advised Funds (DAFs). To help ensure that your gift aligns with IRS tax requirements, no event benefits will be provided in connection with donations made through DAFs; event payments should be made by any other non-DAF vehicles.