Woman's Leggings, ca. 1880

  • Cheyenne, Native American

Buckskin and glass beads

  • Overall (each): 15 3/4 × 11 1/8 × 1/2 inches (40 × 28.3 × 1.3 cm)

Gift of Mrs. Roy E. Leatherman


possibly between 1902-1912, acquired by Roy E. Leatherman, U.S. Marshal in the Indian Territory (later Oklahoma, USA) and the Territory of New Mexico (later New Mexico, USA)

Mrs. Roy. E. Leatherman (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

1962-present, gift to the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

Cheyenne, Native American, Woman's Leggings, ca. 1880, buckskin and glass beads. Detroit Institute of Arts, Gift of Mrs. Roy E. Leatherman, 62.245.