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War Bundle, between 1800 and 1850

  • Fox, Native American

Smoked deer skin bound with woven sashes

  • Overall (wrapped bundle): 6 1/4 × 20 3/8 × 12 3/4 inches (15.9 × 51.8 × 32.4 cm)

Founders Society Purchase



Africa, Oceania & Indigenous Americas

collected by Milford G. Chandler [1889-1981] at Tama, Iowa, USA

purchased by Richard A. Pohrt [1911-2005] (Flint, Michigan, USA)

1981-present, purchased 1981 by the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

Fox, Native American, War Bundle, between 1800 and 1850, smoked deer skin bound with woven sashes. Detroit Institute of Arts, Founders Society Purchase, 81.426.