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Wall Bracket to Andiron Set, ca. 1770

  • American


  • Overall: 4 1/2 × 4 inches (11.4 × 10.2 cm)

Founders Society Purchase, Gibbs-Williams Fund


On View

  • American: Whitby Hall, Drawing Room W264


American Art before 1950

John Walton, Inc. (Jewett City, Connecticut, USA)

1966-1994, William K. duPont (Wilmington, Delaware, USA)

Leigh Keno American Antiques

1995-present, purchase by the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

American, Wall Bracket to Andiron Set, ca. 1770, brass. Detroit Institute of Arts, Founders Society Purchase, Gibbs-Williams Fund, 1995.2.8.