Sewert Bead, 2134/1785 BC

  • Egyptian

Carved and polished carnelian

Gift of the Mendes Excavation


Excavated at Mendes in the Eastern Nile Delta by the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University - American Research Center in Egypt excavations, Donald P. Hansen, Director. The bead was found in a disturbed context but near late Old Kingdom tombs.

Mendes Excavation Number 1M11. Peck, W. H., "A Sewert Bead from Mendes," THE JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF EGYPTIAN ANTIQUITES, vol XIII, 1983, pp 73, 74.

Egyptian, Sewert Bead, 2134/1785 BC, Carved and polished carnelian. Detroit Institute of Arts, Gift of the Mendes Excavation, 80.76.