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Saint Catherine of Siena Dictating Her Dialogues, between 1447 and 1449

  • Giovanni di Paolo, Italian, c. 1399 - 1482

Tempera on wood panel

  • Unframed: 11 3/8 × 11 3/8 inches (28.9 × 28.9 cm)
  • 14 × 14 1/8 × 1 3/4 inches (35.6 × 35.9 × 4.4 cm)

Founders Society Purchase, Ralph Harman Booth Bequest Fund, Joseph H. Boyer Memorial Fund, Building Endowment Fund, Benson and Edith Ford Fund, Henry Ford II Fund, Mr. and Mrs. Alvan Macauley, Jr. Fund, Laura H. Murphy Fund, Mary Martin Semmes Fund, Edna B. Skelton Fund and General Endowment Fund


This predella panel comes from an altarpiece commissioned by the Sienese guild of the Pizzicaiuoli, purveyors of candles and other dry goods, in 1447. In a series of at least ten paintings Giovanni di Paolo presented the mystical episodes in the life of Catherine (1347–80), a Sienese tertiary of the Dominican order. Contemporary accounts of her life tell that on occasion Catherine would be overcome by rapture, whereupon she was able to explain points of holy doctrine. Her pronouncements, which were dictated to a series of secretaries, were compiled into a book titled The Dialogue of Divine Providence. Because Catherine is depicted with the halo of a canonized saint, it is very possible that this panel was not completed until after her canonization in 1461.

by at least 1482, Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, Altar of S. Christina (Siena, Italy)

until shortly before 1800, Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, rector's room (Siena, Italy). by 1843, collection of Johann A. Ramboux (Cologne and Trier, Germany)

May 23, 1867, auction of collection Ramboux by (J. Heberle/H. Lempertz, Cologne, Germany), lot 118

1867-until at least 1883, collection of Prinz von Karl Anton (Sigmaringen, Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Germany). until 1913, Dr. Hans Wendland (Basel and Lugano, Switzerland)

1913-1949, sold to Adolphe Stoclet (Brussels, Belgium)

1949, by descent, Michèle Stoclet (Brussels, Belgium)

around 1965, sold to R. Heinemann (Pinakos & Rudolph J. Heinemann, New York, New York, USA)

1966-present, purchase by the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

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Giovanni di Paolo, Saint Catherine of Siena Dictating Her Dialogues, between 1447 and 1449, tempera on wood panel. Detroit Institute of Arts, Founders Society Purchase, Ralph Harman Booth Bequest Fund, Joseph H. Boyer Memorial Fund, et al., 66.15.