The Procession to Calvary, between 1437 and 1444

  • Sassetta, Italian, ca. 1400-1450

Tempera, silver and gold leaf on poplar panel

  • Image: 17 1/4 × 23 5/16 inches (43.8 × 59.2 cm) Unframed: 19 3/16 × 24 15/16 × 3/8 inches (48.7 × 63.3 × 0.9 cm)
  • 27 5/16 × 32 5/8 inches (69.4 × 82.9 cm)

City of Detroit Purchase


part of the front predella of the high altarpiece of San Francesco, Sansepolcro (formerly Borgo San Sepolcro). possibly London, sale (Phillips), 18 July 1835, no. 8 (as by Giotto)

possibly purchased by Lord Northwick

probably Great Britain, Coll. Sir John Rushout, Baron Northwick

London (?), sale, Coll. Baron Northwick, 9 Aug. 1859, lot. 901 (as by Giotto)

sold to Kent, Wye, Olantigh Towers, J.S.W.S. Erle Drax (1859)

By inheritance, W.E.S. Erle Drax (until ca. 1910/20)

London & New York, R. Langton Douglas (dealer)

New York, Carl W. Hamilton

New York, Joseph Duveen (dealer-1924), from whom purchased by the DIA with funds from the City of Detroit.

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Sassetta, The Procession to Calvary, between 1437 and 1444, tempera, silver and gold leaf on poplar panel. Detroit Institute of Arts, City of Detroit Purchase, 24.94.