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Noah's Ark, 18th Century

  • Pierre Alexandre Aveline, French, 1702-1760
  • Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, Italian, 1616 - 1670
  • Charles Francois Hutin, French, 1715-1776

Engraving printed in black on laid paper

  • plate: 16 5/8 x 20 in. 42.2 x 50.7 cm sheet: 27 3/8 x 21 in. 69.5 x 53.3 cm

Gift of Bela Hubbard, 1892


In plate, lower left: C. Hutin del.; lower right: P. Aveline Sculp.; lower left of the bottom margin: Quadro di Giovan Benedetto Castiglione, / dalla Galleria Reale di Dresda, / Largo Piedi 6. Oncie 11. Alto Piedi 5. Oncie 2.; lower right of the bottom margin: Tableau de Jean Benoit Castiglione, / de la Galerie Royale de Dresde, / Large 6. Pieds 11. Pouces, Haut 5. Pieds 2. Pouces.; lower right corner: 31.; in black ink, below Aveline: b. 1710-; below Castiglione: 1616-1670 / (Genoa); lower center: Noah leading the animals into the Ark.; lower right corner: Gift of Bela Hubbard. / 1892.; in pencil, lower center and lower right corner: 3

Woermann, Karl, CATALOGUE OF THE ROYAL PICTURE GALLERY IN DRESDEN: Dresden: Wilhelm Hoffmann's Fine Art Works, 1899, p 317.

Pierre Alexandre Aveline; after Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione; after Charles Francois Hutin, Noah's Ark, 18th Century, Engraving printed in black on laid paper. Detroit Institute of Arts, Gift of Bela Hubbard, 1892, 1991.109.