Madonna and Child

Giovanni Bellini Italian, between 1431 and 1436 - 1516

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European: Medieval and Renaissance, Level 2, West Wing

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About the Artwork

One of the first Italian artists to master the use of oil paints, Bellini combined the careful draftsmanship and pure geometry typical of the Italian Renaissance with the astute coloring particular to Venetian artists. This depiction illustrates the Virgin's presentation of the Christ child giving his blessing. The artist's use of the green curtain serves to create the illusion of an interior space shared with the spectator, thus establishing a more intimate relationship between the viewer and the object of his or her devotion. Bellini painted many depictions of the Virgin and Child, perfecting this type of devotional painting with charming nuances, such as this naturalistic landscape.

Madonna and Child


Giovanni Bellini

between 1431 and 1436 - 1516



Oil on wood panel

Unframed: 33 3/8 × 41 3/4 inches (84.8 × 106 cm) Framed: 44 1/2 × 52 1/2 × 4 inches (113 × 133.4 × 10.2 cm)


European Painting

City of Detroit Purchase


This work is in the public domain.


Signed and dated, on book, lower center: JOANNES BELLINVS/ MDVIIII



commissioned for Mocenigo family (Venice, Italy)

until 1815, by descent to Mocenigo family

ca. 1844-1854, Carolina Ferdinanda Luisa, Duchesse de Berry [1798-1870] (Palazzo Vendramin Calergi, Venice, Italy)

April 19, 1865, sold by (Hôtel Drouot, Paris, France) auction Duchesse du Berry, lot 15

1865, purchased by Marquis de Podénas acting on behalf of Comte de Chambord or the Duchesse du Berry, to whom picture reverted

1868, Duchesse de Berry (Brunnsee, Austria)

1870, by descent to her son, Henri Charles, Comte de Chambord [1820-1883] (Frohsdorf, Austria)

by descent to Maria Teresa, Comtesse de Chambord [1817-1886]

1886, by descent to her niece [d. 1893]

1893, by descent to Don Jaime de Bourbon (Frohsdorf, Austria)

1928, by descent to Vicomte de Canson [1911-1958] (Paris, France)

1928-present, purchase by the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

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Giovanni Bellini, Madonna and Child, 1509, oil on wood panel. Detroit Institute of Arts, City of Detroit Purchase, 28.115.

Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child