Kakemono, 19th century

  • Japanese

Colors on silk, brocade, bone

  • Overall: 27 × 47 inches (68.6 × 119.4 cm)

Gift of Frederick Stearns


Signed, by the painter: Kei-i hiro-naga.

Marked, seal of painter.

Inscribed, upper left, poem: [The descriptive poem at upper left states what a charming landscape this promontory affords in the spring, wrapped in mists and green with pine.]

Frederick Stearns [1831-1907]

1890-present, gift to the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

Japanese, Kakemono, 19th century, colors on silk, brocade, bone. Detroit Institute of Arts, Gift of Frederick Stearns, 90.1S4993.