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French Painting, 1973

  • Hubert Hilscher, Polish, born 1924
  • WAG, Polish

Offset color lithograph

  • sheet: 38 3/4 x 26 1/8 in. 98.4 x 66.3 cm

Gift of Mark Weglarski


Vertically, lower right: HUBERT HILSCHER

Upper center: Malarstwo francuskie / od XVII do XX Wieku ze zbiorow Ermitazu / MUZEUM NARODOWE W WARSZAWIE CZERWIEC - LIPIEC 1973; WAG monogram, lower left (followed by) PZGraf. Bydg. zam. 1166/73, nakl. 1500 + 350 R-56

Hubert Hilscher, French Painting, 1973, Offset color lithograph. Detroit Institute of Arts, Gift of Mark Weglarski, F79.104.