Folio from a Ten-Volume Qur'an, ca. 1220

  • Islamic, Spanish

Ink, colors, gold and possibly silver on tinted paper

  • Sheet: 13 × 10 inches (33 × 25.4 cm)

Museum Purchase, Ernest and Rosemarie Kanzler Foundation Fund


[Translated: [Surat al-Infitar (The Splitting) 82:1-5] [In the Name of God, the Merciful the Compassionate] When heaven is split open 1. When the stars are scattered 2. When the seas swarm over 3. when the tombs are overthrown 4. (Then) a soul know shall know its works, the former [b] and the latter 5. O Man! What has deceived thee as to thy generous Lord 6. who created thee and shaped thee and wrought thee in symmetry 7. and composed thee after what form He would? [8.] …]

1248, endowed to the library of the Mosque of Ali b. Yusuf b. Tashufin (Marrakech, Morroco, Africa). (Bonham's Auction House, London England)

April 12, 2000, purchased by (Bernard Quarich Ltd., London, England)

2007-present, purchase by the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

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Islamic, Spanish, Folio from a Ten-Volume Qur'an, ca. 1220, ink, colors, gold and possibly silver on tinted paper. Detroit Institute of Arts, Museum Purchase, Ernest and Rosemarie Kanzler Foundation Fund, 2007.120.1A.