Dances, 1914 or 1915

  • Arthur Bowen Davies, American, 1862-1928

Oil on canvas

  • Unframed: 84 × 138 inches (213.4 cm × 3 m 50.5 cm)
  • 87 1/16 × 142 3/8 × 1 3/8 inches (221.1 cm × 3 m 61.6 cm × 3.5 cm)

Gift of Ralph Harman Booth



American Art before 1950

Davies was briefly captivated by the fragmented forms and transparent planes of cubism. Many of his admirers preferred his depictions of ethereal maidens in imaginary landscapes; one pronounced these dancing harlequinade figures “garish as a tartan, and as stimulating.” Like many of his contemporaries, Davies was a great appreciator of the “gesture” of the dance, ranging from the interpretations of Isadora Duncan and the fiery spirit of the Duncan Girls, who formed a popular group at the time, to the subtle movements of Ruth St. Denis, who was famous for her sensuous performances. This painting was part of a mural project conceived by artists Walt Kuhn (1880–1949), Arthur Davies, and Maurice Prendergast in 1914. The three painters executed a set of four large canvases, which they exhibited in the spring of 1915 in New York City. John Quinn, one of America’s foremost collectors of European avant-garde art and a great admirer of the work of these Americans, purchased all four: Prendergast’s Promenade (DIA acc. no. 27.159) and its companion piece, Picnic (now in the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh); Kuhn’s Man and Sea Beach (now lost); and this work.

Signed, at lower left: A. B. Davies

A. B. Davies. 1915, John Quinn (New York, New York, USA) [conflicting views say it was commissoned and purchased from the artist or purchased from Montross Gallery]. American Art Association (New York, New York, USA)

February 10, 1927, Ralph Booth

February 27, 1927-present, gift to the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

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Arthur Bowen Davies, Dances, 1914 or 1915, oil on canvas. Detroit Institute of Arts, Gift of Ralph Harman Booth, 27.158.