The Book of the Dead of Nes-Min, between 4th and 3rd century BCE

  • Egyptian

Ink on papyrus

  • various dimensions

Founders Society Purchase, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Shelden III Fund, Ralph Harman Booth Bequest Fund, and Hill Memorial Fund



Africa, Oceania & Indigenous Americas

various inscriptions throughout the volume

1988-present, purchase by the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

Limme, Luc. "Un `Prince Ramesside' Fantôme.” In Aegyptus Museis Rediviva: Miscellanea In Honorem Hermanni De Meulenaere. Bruxelles, 1993, p. 114, note 35, Thebes, doc. 7-10. [where Nesmin is identified as a "prophet of Neferhotep"]