Blot Out the Sun #2, 1998, printed 2007

  • Doug Starn, American, born 1961
  • Mike Starn, American, born 1961

Dye-based ink jet print, encaustic, wax on thai mulberry and tissue papers in artists' wood frame

  • Image and sheet: 29 3/4 × 24 1/2 inches (75.6 × 62.2 cm)
  • 31 1/8 × 26 inches (79.1 × 66 cm)

Museum Purchase, Jerry Earles Flower Fund


Signed, in black pen and ink, lower right, verso: Doug Starn | Mike Starn

Label, affixed to verso, center left: The following guidelines are recommended for the care and handling of the Blot out the Sun editions by Doug and Mike Starn. These works are made with encaustic, Thai mulberry and tissue papers. Encaustic is refined beeswax with damar resin (which hardens wax up to temperatures of 200 degrees Fahrenheit). Encaustic has been used for centuries in art and is an archival material of high quality. As with oil paints, encaustic takes time to cure and completely harden. As encaustic cures, it is important to buff it intermittently to maintain surface beauty and luster. Recommendations for Buffing: Buffing is comparable to cleaning and polishing a tarnished surface. You should buff artwork when it is first hung and occasionally thereafter to keep the work looking its best. If the work is fresh from the studio, it should be buffed every other week for the first couple of months. Over the following three to four months be sure to buff it at least once per month. After this, buff as needed whenever the surface appears dull or milky. Should your work be exposed to excessive dust or debris at any time, use a 'tack cloth' (available at your local hardware store) to lift the dust prior to buffing. Please use the following guidelines when buffing: . Buff waxed area of the artwork only. Do not buff the frame. . Use white cotton tee shirt material only. Do not use a chamois cloth. . Buff with firm but gentle circular motions, as you would polish a car. . As you buff, the blacks should begin to appear darker and whites brighter. The surface will also appear glossier and more luminescent. . Expect a small amount of wax to appear on the cloth. This is part of the process of removing surface debris. Recommendations for Hanging and Storage: As with all artwork, it is optimal to keep your work in a climate that does not have widely varying temperature and humidity conditions. Whenever possible the work should be kept in an area that is out of direct sunlight and at a consistent temperature in the range of 65-75 F. Having said this, these artworks should be able to withstand temperatures ranging from 50-110 F with little to no effect. Rarely, works exposed to colder temperatures (below 50 F) will experience some changes to surface appearance that cannot be buffed away. If this should happen, please contact the studio to arrange for repairs. Recommendations for Transportation: Because of possible changes in climate during shipment, we have the following common sense suggestions for transporting your artwork. Normal crating methods should provide sufficient insulation from temperature changes but we recommend that work be shadowboxed prior to crating to insure that nothing damaging comes into contact with the waxed areas of the artwork during shipping. Always inform drivers/handlers about specific temperature limitations (ideally between 65-75 F). Whenever significant temperature fluctuations are expected, it may be necessary to transport artwork in a climate-controlled vehicle. Always inspect your artwork immediately upon arrival to insure that it has arrived in good condition. Label, affixed to lower left, verso: Doug and Mike Starn | Blot Out the Sun #2 | Edition AP2 | 1998-07 | 27 x 23 inches (art size) | Lysonic ink jet prints on Thai mulberry and tissue papers | with encaustic and wax, wood frame

Inscribed, in black pen and ink, lower left, verso: APG 1998-07

2007-present, purchase by the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

Barr, Nancy. "The Photograph - A Brief History of the DIA's Collection." Bulletin of the DIA: Photography 84, 1/4 (2010): 6.

Courtesy of Mike and Doug Starn Contact: Doug and Mike Starn 64 Union St., Brooklyn, NY 11231

Doug Starn; Mike Starn, Blot Out the Sun #2, 1998, printed 2007, dye-based ink jet print, encaustic, wax on Thai Mulberry and tissue papers in artists' wood frame. Detroit Institute of Arts, Museum Purchase, Jerry Earles Flower Fund, 2007.131.