The Appeal, between early to mid-16th century

  • Titian, Italian, ca.1488-1576

Oil on canvas

  • Framed: Unframed: 33 1/4 × 27 1/4 inches (84.5 × 69.2 cm)

City of Detroit Purchase


On View

  • European: Medieval and Renaissance W233


European Painting

  • Women
  • Oil
  • Canvas
  • Figures (representations)
  • Man
  • Painting (visual work)
  • Half figure
  • Venice

Signed, Marks, Inscriptions

On verso of original canvas corresponding to the figures from right to left, the old inscriptions: FRA BASTIAN DEL PIOMBO GIORZON TITIAN (Picture of old canvas in registration and curatorial files).


Palazzo Zanchi (Bergamo, Italy). Until 1642, Nicholas Sohier [1588-1642] (Amsterdam, Netherlands). Until 1702, Prince Guillaume III d'Orange [1650-1702] (Het Loo Palace, Apeldoorn, Netherlands); 1702-1713, Estate of Guillaume III d'Orange (Het Loo Palace, Apeldoorn, Netherlands); July 26, 1713, purchase by (dealer, Cornelis Hellemans) at auction Het Loo, lot 17 (Oudezijds Herenlogement, Amseterdam, Netherlands) [for 660 guilders]; Before 1719, (dealer, Van Caassiau) purchased for Lothar Franz von Schönborn 1719-1729, Count Lothar Franz von Schönborn, Elector of Mainz [1655-1729] (Schloss Weißenstein, Pommersfelden, Germany); 1729-1867, by decent Friedrich Karl von Schönborn [1674-1746] and the Counts Schönborn (Schloss Weißenstein, Pommersfelden, Germany); July 17-24, 1867, sold at auction Count Schönborn (Paris, France) [for 21,500 francs]. 1867-1923, Frederick Augustus II, Grand Duke Oldenburg [1852-1931] (Oldenburg, Germany) [valuation in 1919 Gustav Pauli inventory 80,000 M.]; 1926, (dealers Julius Wilhelm Böhler and Fritz Steinmeyer, The Lucerne Fine Arts Company/Kunsthandel AG, Lucerne, Switzerland; Munich, Germany; New York) [painting stayed in Germany]; 1926-present, purchase by the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

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Rights Status

Titian, The Appeal, between early to mid-16th century, oil on canvas. Detroit Institute of Arts, City of Detroit Purchase, 26.107.