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Adoration of the Child with St. Benedict and Angels, ca. 1478

  • Vincenzo Foppa, Italian, 1427-1516

Tempera on canvas and honeycomb aluminum panel, transferred from wood panel

  • Unframed: 56 1/2 × 43 1/4 inches (143.5 × 109.9 cm)

Bequest of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Fisher


Signed, on stone step, lower left: VINCEN | TIUS. DE | FOPPA. P.

Rome, Collection Cardinal Joseph Fesch (1763-1839) 1841

Rome, auction, Collection Cardinal Fesch, (Georges), 17-18 March 1845, lot 909

Versailles, Collection Nottret, honorary canon and almoner to the Augustinian nuns

By descent to Versailles, Collection Abbé Lefèvre, before 1909 and after 1916

Versailles, Collection Abbé Thuelin, 1927

New York, Howard Young (dealer)

Detroit, Collection Lawrence P. Fisher (acquired before 1930) by whom bequeathed to the DIA in 1968.

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Vincenzo Foppa, Adoration of the Child with St. Benedict and Angels, ca. 1478, tempera on canvas and honeycomb aluminum panel, transferred from wood panel. Detroit Institute of Arts, Bequest of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Fisher, 68.294.