Media Guidelines

Click the button below to request an interview, permission for a film or photoshoot for editorial purposes, or other media requests. 

Group of adults touring a museum gallery.

Media Photo and Film Shoots

Once a photo or film shoot has been approved, the photographer must be accompanied by a DIA staff member if using anything on a stand, such as a tripod or lights. Media may take photos or film unaccompanied if not using stands, provided the shoot does not disrupt our visitors’ museum experience. Exterior photography is also allowed unaccompanied.

Media Photo and Film Shoot Guidelines

  • Crews must be accompanied by museum staff at all times 
  • Crew members may not handle any works of art 
  • Crew members cannot be closer than two feet from a work of art 
  • Lighting used on paintings must be reflected or cool light 
  • No direct lighting is allowed on works of paper, including photographs, prints, and drawings 
  • Lights and stands are to be at least 5-10 feet away from any artwork 
  • Lights must be turned off when not in use 
  • Light stands must be weighed down by sandbags 
  • When moving a tripod or light stand, it must be carried vertically 
  • In general, boom microphones are not allowed in the galleries
Group of seniors looks at stained glass.