A Place for Everyone

Updated Jan 22, 2024

From the Director
Board Chairman Lane Coleman chats with staff during a party in Kresge Court at the Detroit Institute of Arts..

Board Chairman Lane Coleman chats with staff during a party in Kresge Court.

A Message from DIA Board Chair Lane Coleman

Every time I step into the Detroit Institute of Arts, I immediately sense that I’m in a place that is both a haven for art enthusiasts around the world and a hub of engagement for our community members here in Metro Detroit. And now, as I enter a new role as the museum’s board chair, I feel prouder than ever of the legacy we’re continuing to build as a place where everyone can find meaning in art.

The Detroit Institute of Arts is more than just a museum; it is a place for everyone in our community: A Clinton Township high school student looking for inspiration for art class; a Southgate mom looking for something free to do with her kids on a rainy day; grandparents introducing their grandchildren to art; first dates; Kresge Cafe study sessions; a tourist destination.

Art has the power to unite, inspire, and provoke thought, and we are committed to ensuring that the DIA remains a welcoming space where every member of our community feels a sense of belonging.

Though I’m not a native Detroiter, my roots in this community run deep, and I know the DIA plays a vital role in enhancing the cultural fabric of our city. We will continue to collaborate with local artists, educators, and community leaders to foster creativity, education, and engagement. Together, we will strengthen our ties with the community and ensure that the DIA remains a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

I want to thank our outgoing board chair, Gene Gargaro, as well as the rest of our board, for trusting me to carry on the important work happening at the DIA. This is a continuation of a remarkable story shaped by the brushstrokes of our predecessors and the collective heartbeat of a community in love with art.

While we take pride in the past, we also look to the future. The DIA has earned a stellar reputation, and I am determined to uphold and build upon it. Our commitment is not only to maintain the excellence that defines the DIA but also to explore innovative ways to enhance our offerings, expand accessibility, and embrace new forms of artistic expression.

As we embark on this exciting journey together, I am confident that, with your continued support, we will navigate the path ahead with grace and resilience. Together, let us write the next chapter in the storied history of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Lane Coleman
Board Chairman
Detroit Institute of Arts