Partners in Public Art

The PIPA program was created in 2018 to collaborate with communities to co-create community-informed, highly visible public works of art. The goal is to help people explore, express, and build a stronger sense of community through a communal art experience.

A DIA Partners in Public Art partner artist paints stalks of wheat onto a mural

The Detroit Institute of Arts’ Partners in Public Art (PIPA) program is a collaboration with municipalities and organizations throughout southeast Michigan to co-create community-driven, highly visible public works of art.

This program helps people explore their sense of community through a collaborative design and creation process, producing works of public art that express the unique stories and interests of each community.

See selected projects from Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties below.

PIPA is a popular component of the DIA’s artmaking and community engagement efforts. The DIA collaborates with six communities each year on public art projects, two in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties, respectively.

If you are an artist living in Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb county who is interested in collaborating on future PIPA projects, submit your name for consideration using the button below. 


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